Save Fuel, Save Money

Finding small ways to save money can make a big difference. Making a few small changes, to the way you drive, could help you save money on fuel.

Ten Fuel Saving Tips

1. The most obvious one but, limit your driving. If you can walk or ride a bike somewhere, do it.
2. Ensure you keep your petrol tank above one quarter full. Tanks are fuel injected, letting petrol run low puts added pressure on fuel pump.
3. Lighten the load. Weight is one of the biggest causes for kinetic energy loss, so the more things you have in your car, the harder it is on your fuel consumption.
4. It may be tough when you’re in a hurry, but drive slowly. The harder the engine works, the more fuel it burns. Fuel consumption is drastically increased above 60 mph.
5. Brake less. Accelerating and braking constantly uses more petrol than trying to drive at a constant speed.
6. Don’t tailgate. The closer you are driving to the vehicle in front means you will be braking and accelerating more frequently. You’re not going to be able to travel faster than the car in front, so keeping a good distance helps you maintain a more constant speed.
7. Try to predict traffic lights as these are a major culprit for quick start/stop driving and wasteful on fuel.
8. Avoid an idling engine. If the engine is idling for more than 10 seconds then just turn off, to save fuel.
9. Buying the narrowest tyres available for your car can help, as they affect the aerodynamic qualities and drag elements of your vehicle.
10. Planning journeys in the most efficient way will save fuel. If you have multiple errands, plan a route with the least amount of driving or if you keep getting caught in rush hour traffic, try leaving earlier or later.