Mercedes-Benz announce an all-electric lineup

Mercedes-Benz is the latest car company to announce that it plans for all its cars to be fully electric by 2030. 

In order to achieve this, Mercedes-Benz is investing over $48 million into research and development. 

They plan to have three new modular, scalable electric engines designed and introduced by 2025. These engines will support their medium and large cars, high-performance cars and light commercial vehicles.  From 2025 onwards, all new engine designs will be electric only, meaning all cars they manufacture will have an electric engine option.

Mercedes-Benz anticipates that electric vehicle sales will amount to 50% of their total sales by 2025

As part of this planned development, Mercedes-Benz has just acquired a UK based electric engine company called YASA.  YASA is known for its Axel Flux technology with will be integrated into its high-performance vehicles.

They hope that these engines will allow their new electric range to have a real-world range of more than 1000km between charges.