Motoring Law Changes 2022

With the new year comes new motoring laws, seven to be exact. Here is a quick rundown of the new regulations.

All new cars manufactured in 2022 will be fitted with a speed limiter. The EU passed the decision, but the UK is expected to follow this new law.

The hierarchy of road users has been updated in the new version of the Highway Code. This means that those who do the most significant harm, I.e. lorry drivers, have the most responsibility on the road.

The new Highway Code also states that you should let pedestrians cross in front of you if you are stuck in traffic. This also applied to cyclists wishing to cross the road.

Previously, rules stated that you shouldn’t wave or use your horn to invite pedestrians to walk across a zebra crossing. Now, flashing your lights has been added to the list.

The full use of mobile phones whilst driving has been banned. This means no scrolling the playlists to get to your favourite song.

Manchester will join London in introducing a Clean Air Zone from 30th May 2022.

And finally, all new homes built in England in 2022 will have to have an electric car charging port installed.