History of the Garage

Having a garage used to be a privilege reserved for the very wealthy but is now a common feature of many people’s daily lives. Today, many of them have been transformed into living spaces like game rooms and home offices, so they serve more purposes than merely housing vehicles. Having a garage is just as crucial for many homebuyers as having a kitchen. The French verb “Garer,” which means “to shelter,” is where the word “garage” originates.

Naturally, the initial vehicle storage facilities were outbuildings used to hold the tools for transportation as well as the horse and cart. The early vehicles were kept alongside the horse and cart by those who could afford them. Separate outbuildings, or what we now refer to as the contemporary garage, were built after it was realised that this caused the new car to smell like manure. Garages have changed over the past century from being an exterior requirement to being an essential component of our houses

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